About us

Shuflo is an eco-organic menstruation period care brand founded in Singapore. We aim to create awareness among menstruators regarding the material origin used in manufacturing the item that we use for our most private body part every single month! (Although most of our customers simply love how breathable our products are and it's perfect for Singapore weather!)
Many of us who menstruates don't realise that the products we use are mostly inorganic components and are products of petrochemical, just because it is an item that is not consumed in food. And we tend to brush it aside and think nah, it's alright. But we are hoping to change that, and get more of us to get into noticing what we consume, what we spend on, actually makes a difference.
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We go an extra mile to source certified and quality materials used in our products that are safer for our body. We want to empower everyone to make decisions in their consumption patterns that positively impact the supply chain and the environment.
Our products are made of 100% certified organic cotton by international recognised organic cotton certification body, which means that our organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals. Organic cotton farming also saves 91% of water as compared to conventional cotton farming.
The ripple effect doesn't end there, do you know that the difference between organic farming and conventional farming could mean a different living environment for the farmers and their family? They no longer need to be exposed to insecticides, pesticides, crops chemicals of which we can't even pronounce the name or learn how to spell it at one glance.
Every time you choose us, you create a butterfly effect.
This is the beginning of Shuflo (we started in February 2021) and we are extremely grateful to have you at this milestone. But it doesn't stop here. We need your influence and strength to spread the word and help other menstruators make a difference.
We hope every period from now on, is a happy period, in terms of comfort and peace in mind for the next generation.