Life Hack For Your Partner During That Time of The Month (send them this article?)

Think your wife, girlfriend, or partner is on “that time of the month?” Here’s what you can do to support them through their menstruation cycles.

Every month, more than 800 million female get their periods. 

In these modern times, menstruation is still talked about in a hush-hush way, especially in Asian countries. It wasn’t too long ago that sanitary pads were wrapped in old newspapers or stuffed into black plastic bags when it is purchased from stores (Most of the time they feel embarrassed about having to carry a sanitary product around blatantly!).

It’s a tale as old as time: stigma and taboo around periods have been perpetuated throughout history and spans across cultures. The female reproductive organs were thought to make them ‘hysterical’ - the word itself comes from the Latin hystericus (“of the womb”). Even the term ‘loony’ comes from ‘lunacy’ i.e. monthly periodic insanity that was believed to be triggered by the moon’s cycle (... sound familiar?).


Here's what we are proposing, instead of avoiding talking about it, why not we learn to embrace our differences and learn how to be a more supportive partner and take part in their journey? Like really be part of it, and not just assuming "oh it's that time of the month" again!


Here are 3 steps you can follow to show your support:


(Image from Unsplash/Afif Kusuma)

First, learn the patterns

Heard of the term PMS? It is actually a term used to describe a brief window (about 5-10 days before menstruation) that happens after ovulation. And because your partner is not pregnant, estrogen and progesterone levels begin to fall dramatically leading to a series of symptoms, collectively known as Premenstrual Syndrome.

Now you have learned what PMS means, scientifically. We would like you to know that every menstruating human are different and follows their own rhythm & routine that makes them feel better. Take the time to learn about that routine in order to know how to respect the space & time that they need to tide it through.

Useful tips: Set up period tracker using an app (like Clue) that allows syncing on both your mobile, so you could be discreet and still be in the loop. In a way, you are going to be a "mind-reader" and impress them when you help her to stock up the essentials (we mean sanitary pads, snacks, hot water bottle) (they are gonna be impressed! I would too!). 


(Image from Unsplash/Afif Kusuma)

Second, find ways to communicate better

Perspectives get shifted during PMS. Small things that didn’t seem to matter to a few days ago, may now matter A LOT. The worse thing you can do is call them ‘oversensitive’ or ‘overreacting’. 

Often, reactions can be magnified during this time because of hormonal level changes. They may begin expressing their thoughts in unexpected ways, with possibility of escalating into something else that is totally irrelevant, or spoke about in bigger magnitude than it actually is.

We thought.... ok this is a tough one. So, we are being creative here and thought. Why not agree to a code word together that can be used whenever any of you feel that things are getting out of hand, or for when they felt angry and misunderstood by something you said? This code word can be your saving grace! So, when they use the word, this is a clear signal for you to lay off.


(Image from Unsplash/Afif Kusuma)

Third, be ready to ride the wave

They go through emotion swings, physically exhausted during period and hormonal changes. What it means is also that they may not feel up to a lot of activities when it hits them, even if they really enthusiastic planning it and eagerly anticipating it (believe us, we’re not happy when this happens)

One thing you could do now is to let them know that they are only thing you care about the most, and you want to be by their sides. This is going to be an extremely huge brownie points for you, when you are being so sensitive and understanding about changed plans!


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